Club Clothing

Everything you need to wear to show your support for Matra Cars


Black 'Matra Bonnets' T Shirt

This bright jazzy shirt shows a series of colourful bonnets of Matra Cars. (Murena, Bagheera and M530, in case you wanted to know plus a Talbot slipped in as well!)

MATRA Beanie Hat

Black Thinsulate beanie hats to keep your head warm at those cold winter meetings, or when working under the car!

One size fits all

White 'Flag' T Shirt

This is a fun shirt, adopting the red white and blue of our french cars.

Under the MATRA heading it proclaims 'Fast', 'Fun' and 'French'


These shirts are available in Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large sizes.

White pocket Polo Shirt

These classic white polo shirts not only have the MATRA name in bold letters and the club badge, they also have a pocket, as requested by a number of club members

The lettering is in french blue with 'Sports' in red . . .